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Common Questions About Company Police in North Carolina

Are your Company Police Officers the Real Police?

Yes we are. We can, and do make arrests, and write citations for violations of the law the same as any municipal police officer.

What is Global One Company Police Department's jurisdiction?

The Global One Company Police Department has jurisdiction on any real property that we own, possess and control, or have been contracted to protect by the owner or person in control.

So, if a criminal runs off the property, does this mean that you can't chase him?

As long as the incident started within our jurisdiction, and we are in immediate and continuous pursuit, we can chase him as far as necessary to make an arrest.

So, can Global One Company Police work for my city, town, or state?

The Global One Company Police can work for any governmental entity in the State of North Carolina in certain circumstances. We cannot replace, or act as your local police force. We can, however, work providing law enforcement services on real property owned by your governmental entity, excluding public streets or highways. Private property is also excluded, unless we have a separate contract with each owner of each piece of property.

Where does Global One Company Police get it's police powers from?

The Global One Company Police Department, and all of it's Officers are certified under Chapter 74E of the North Carolina General Statutes (state law). This Statute authorizes the North Carolina Attorney General to run the Company Police Program and certify Company Police Agencies and Officers.

Do your Company Police Officers carry weapons?

Yes. All of our Company Police Officers carry guns, pepper spray, and impact weapons (such as batons). Depending on the assignment, they may carry them openly while wearing their uniform, or concealed, when in plain clothes. 

Do your Company Police Officers drive cars with blue lights and sirens?

Yes. Our Company Police Officers drive marked and unmarked patrol cars. We use blue lights and sirens the same way that your local police department does.

Are your Company Police Officers like private security guards?

Absolutely not! Our officers are experienced Law Enforcement Officers who have extensive training in many areas. Most security guards in North Carolina have little or no training, and many are hired with deficient background checks. They also have no more authority to detain a person or investigate a crime than any other citizen.

So, then, are your Company Police Officers like off-duty municipal police officers?

We are very similar to off duty officers, as we have the same powers and jurisdiction that they have. We do however have a great advantage over off duty officers, because we carry our own insurance, and liability. When you hire off duty officers from your local police agency, you are probably liable for any workman's compensation or claims. Also, working for you is our primary job. If the department that your off duty officer works for calls him to work when he was supposed to work for you, what will you do?

Are your Company Police Officers trained well?

Yes. Our Company Police Department hire's only well trained law enforcement officers. We also provide a field training program that our officers must complete to perform their duties. This training program is similar to that of a municipal law enforcement agency.​