Your property, house, apartment complex, or retail establishment is an expensive asset that needs the best in police protection. Local police and sheriff's departments do a great job, but they're stretched too thin to take the time in responding to your special needs.

The goal of Global One is to provide a cost effective and yet ever improving service that consistently responds to the needs of our clients, their properties, employees and guests.

We are dedicated to providing a professional service that exceeds the increased need for highly trained police and security officers in our every changing world.



  • Certified Police Officers
  • Licensed Security Officers
  • ​Loss Prevention Specialists
  • Private / Public School Liaison Officer
  • Special Event Security
  • ​Armed and Unarmed
  • ATM/Cash Transfer Escorts
  • VIP/Management Escorts
  • Hostile Terminations
  • Undercover Police Surveillance
  • Response, Apprehension & Arrest
  • Motorized Patrol
  • Bicycle Patrol
  • Foot Patrol
  • Stationary Officer
  • Community Watch Seminars


Business/Residential Watch Patrol Services

Global One provides police and security residential patrol as well as patrol services for a wide variety of businesses on a contractual basis. These businesses can range from fast food chains to large corporations. Some of these locations include industrial facilities, business parks, professional centers, financial institutions and restaurants. We will patrol your property while you are on vacation, and even provide officers to perform random site inspections or on-site security for the number of hours you specify. The duties our officers perform range from high visibility deterrence, undercover surveillance, hostile termination security, investigations, building checks, and more.

Alarm Response Services

Global One provide alarm response services for local businesses, communities, and other facilities. Our officers will physically check your business, or your private residence in the event of an alarm. Although statistics show that approximately 95% of activated alarms are "false", someone still must respond. Local law enforcement agencies have found that responding to activated alarms can be costly and time consuming, and subsequently have begun imposing fines for false alarms. Our services eliminate the need for our clients to pay those expensive fines.

Event Safety and Policing

Global One can provide any venue with a security solution for your company’s sporting, entertainment or corporate event. Our services include crowd and parking control, foot patrol, and access control for the perimeter and auditorium. We assign an account supervisor familiar with your venue and the local law enforcement agency. Homeowners associations, construction sites, retail and commercial sites, agents are available 24-hours a day to provide our clients with a cost effective and highly visible proactive solution to every security need.

Loss Prevention Services

Loss prevention concerns often arise from an unexpected issue that requires a reactive approach. High shrink, increased food costs, sudden decrease in a department margin, a theft incident or a substantial loss, demonstrates the absence of adequate proactive loss prevention measures. Global One provides highly trained loss prevention associates and helps companies build comprehensive and proactive loss prevention programs that deliver results.


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